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Cheri A. - December 2013

My Journey to Iron Works and personal trainer Lori Johnson

It was summer 2012 and I had really hit a wall with my workouts. I was active, but never pushing myself. I was on two softball leagues, but neither was particularly demanding. I was also eating poorly, and I knew it, but I was in denial about what it was doing to my body, my mind and my overall health. I had never been one to weigh myself and my pants still fit so I was fine. Or so I thought….

Then in Fall 2012 I had my yearly health assessment. Along with rising bad cholesterol I had ballooned to the heaviest I had ever been! How did I let this happen? Consequently I spent the next few months in a rut. Although I knew I needed to get out of this spiral, I didn’t know what to do or even have the energy to do it. I spent my free time in front of the TV, eating.

And then in February 2013, for some reason, I decided to make a change. Maybe it was my upcoming birthday or my sugar haze finally wore off, but I was ready to do something. I decided not to join a typical health club again, where I would maybe go a few times a week but never really push myself. Instead I decided to look for a Personal Trainer who could give me some direction and get me started on a workout routine that I could continue on my own at home.

I began my search on Craigslist and found Lori’s ad right away. We scheduled a time to meet and look at the workout facilities. The facilities were great and I could see I was going to get a variety of workouts here and that was important. But I think for me, what sold it was how comfortable I felt at the gym and with Lori. She has the credentials, a certified personal trainer with a B.S. in Dietetics, but she is also a mother of 4 who knows how hard it is to stay in shape. She is a real person who you can relate to and I appreciate that!

My first workout was on March 16, 2013. I do not remember exactly what we did but I am sure it was a test to see what  shape I was in. I can tell you my shape was not good. I think we both thought I was going to pass out that first workout. I know I had some juice half way through and took a lot of breaks to catch my breath. But I made it through and knew right then that Lori was the trainer for me. So I signed up for 10 sessions, coming twice a week. I figured after 5 weeks I would have a good start and could fly on my own. After all, I was not new to workouts and had equipment at home. I just needed a jump start and some fresh routines.

That was over NINE months ago! Today I am FORTY pounds lighter, much stronger, and several inches smaller!!

Oh I had some sore muscles those first few weeks and even months. And it took a while before there was a noticeable physical change, but I knew that first week that I was feeling better and had made the right trainer choice. Working out is as much a boost to the mind as it is to the body. And even though I hurt, I was happy! This was going to take some work, but I could do it!

Along with feeling better you cannot help but eat better as you have to fuel this new machine you are creating!  So I changed my eating habits as well. I make sure I eat breakfast (typically a protein smoothie) and also eat less bread, less beer, and more protein! Don’t get me wrong, I still eat and drink bad things for me from time to time, but my choices are a whole lot better than they were. I am much more conscious of what I am eating.

I needed someone to hold me accountable and Lori does that. She is tough, but you also know she cares and believes in you….even when you do not believe in yourself!

I could not be happier with my experience at Iron Works and with Lori. Since I started, Iron Works has moved to a larger facility with even more equipment! Along with personal training I have also added her fitness boot camps to my weekly schedule. Some family and friends have joined me at Iron Works as well, which is great!

Whether you are looking to jump start your workout, add some workout variety or have a fitness goal in mind I would recommend Iron Works and Lori Johnson!

The facilities offer a wide variety of equipment, a place to change clothes, and even a lounge for the kids to hang out in while you work out! (babies too!) I encourage you to bring yourself, your significant other, and your kids to Iron Works. Make this your healthiest year yet!

Ellen T. - April 24, 2015

My age is closer to 60 yrs than to 50 and thanks to Iron Work’s boot camp classes, I have not felt this fit and energized since the days of high school dance-line. 

Just a year ago I could not imagine actually looking forward to a morning workout until Gretchen “motivated” me into action with an initial….   “just try it once”….. which then became once a week….. to twice a week… and settled at three times a week.

Now my most favorite days of the week are when I attend boot camp classes by Lori Johnson, (the owner of Iron Works and certified personal trainer) for an hour of weight training and aerobics.  Between Gretchen’s spirited encouragement to keep me going, Cheri’s humor that makes me laugh enough to forget my muscles are feeling every bit of the exercise, and Lori’s innovative exercises that have no limit to their creativity for keeping us in motion and interested to see what comes next, I am a huge fan of boot camp.


Jessica H. - June 23, 2015

In April of 2014 my 39 year old sister had a stroke.  She was very unhealthy. She smoked heavily, overweight and had diabetes.  The week after she had her stroke I made a life changing decision to change my habits and to become healthy.  I decided that I needed to stay healthy so that I could be around for my son. 

I started out running, which went well, but wasn't enough. Then I was invited by a friend to Iron Works. 

While running I lost weight, while at Iron works I lost inches!  

Since being at Iron Works I feel much better, have more energy and have gained many new friends who encourage me to keep going.  So far I have lost 49 pounds and have gone down 6 pants sizes! 

Michele A. - On Jan 16, 2014

I have been working with Lori for several months. I have a back injury and was looking for someone who could help me workout safely and wanted to do so in a comfortable environment since I was new to working out. Lori has a new great facility - lots of space, get to work with a variety of equipment; she changes up the routine so each one is a little different and I am not using the same equipment every workout. Lori customizes workouts for each person (there are 3 of us that work out at the same time). She is very positive, encouraging and cheering me along the way!

Cathy F. - On Feb 09, 2014

I have been a health club "member" for the past 20 years. Seven months ago, I was looking to step things up a bit and felt that the classes at my gym were becoming too mundane.

That's when a friend of mine recommended going to a Boot Camp class at Iron Works. After that 1st class I was hooked!

Lori is known for mixing things up, adding new and challenging fitness routines, and customizes workouts to meet the needs of all of her clients.

The gym itself is spacious, clean, kid friendly and has a full spectrum of fitness equipment for all fitness levels.

Over the past seven months I have taken personal training and boot camp classes from Lori. She is a fun, energetic, goal oriented and supportive instructor who continues to help push me so that I can reach my fitness goals.

Lori Johnson and Iron Works is exactly what I was looking for.